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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Posner's sound and painstakingly thorough Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK - Kindle edition by Gerald Posner. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device.
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He goes on at length knocking softballs out of the park--such as four pages of text spent refuting a book that claimed that J. Posner shows that some of the more widely followed Warren Commission critics, like those mentioned above, are scarcely better. To be sure, he contributes a public service by cataloguing this garbage.

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But when Posner faces hardballs--the serious problems with the Warren Commission--he often ducks them by passing them off in footnotes. For example, there is a very strong case that Jack Ruby was stalking Lee Oswald hours before shooting him, contrary to the Warren Commission-Posner contention that Ruby happened by and shot Oswald on impulse. So the whole matter is reduced to a footnote. Like other authors in the genre, Posner constantly quotes selectively. I think Posner is right about this.

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All the film ever proved to me is that the President was shot. Posner claims that a new, computer-enhanced version proves once and for all that the shots came from the rear. Garrison was the former New Orleans district attorney who tried to frame a local businessman in the assassination. But nowhere does Posner then tell you that the same Aaron Kohn, having studied the evidence, went to his grave convinced that the Warren Commission and this Posner was dead wrong, and that New Orleans Mafia Boss Carlos Marcello organized the J.

One more example is his distorted account of the testimony of Edward Becker, a former Las Vegas investigator who began promoting deals in legitimate business with Mob help. Becker testified that he heard Marcello talk about assassinating Kennedy a year before it happened. This is just unfair. Marcello was born in Tunis, where his parents tried to settle after leaving Sicily two years earlier; he was brought to New Orleans at age 7 months and raised among Sicilian immigrants.

Case Closed

Marcello exploded--not divulging a detailed conspiracy plan, but rather revealing that he wished the President dead and seriously thought he could arrange an assassination. Blakey and the committee first uncovered the mass of circumstantial evidence linking Lee Oswald and Jack Ruby to the Marcello crime organization. Posner tries hard to belittle, then refute, this evidence, but does so largely through inaccuracy and omission.

This was proof of a second gunman and, hence, a conspiracy. The sound tape evidence was mired in controversy.

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Posner wrongly says it was finally discredited; the discrediting has itself been challenged, but I confess the evidence never sounded to me like more than someone blowing into a microphone anyway. Having accepted the Warren Commission findings as probably true till that point, I, too, was excited at seeing the evidence. Journal editors, like those at other major publications, considered Kennedy assassination material too suspect to handle. Blakey, like Aaron Kohn, believed that the evidence of contacts, phone calls and movements proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Marcello did mastermind such a conspiracy.

Even read most conservatively, the evidence proves that the Warren Commission and every reporter who covered the story missed the most likely avenue of investigation. Posner is most misleading in claiming that Ruby was an underworld nobody, merely hanging on in a sleazy bar business and trying to look important. Posner acknowledges though only in a footnote despite many text references that the prosecutor concocted a story for the press that J.

The columnist, Tony Zoppi, who denied that organized crime existed in Dallas while he helped promote its business fronts in his writing, has still worse problems. Most disturbing, Posner recently acknowledged while promoting his book on a Washington, D.

Posner acknowledged knowing that Zoppi told investigators he was with Ruby moments before the assassination and that Ruby appeared too calm to have been part of a conspiracy. Ruby waited in an advertising office through the assassination, then left for Parkland Hospital where the dying Kennedy was brought. Zoppi later left his Dallas newspaper job to run publicity for a Las Vegas casino-hotel, where he became vice president. Why did he lie to protect Ruby, and why should he be believed now? Ruby said he went to Cuba to show an entertainment act; Zoppi says he planned to come with Ruby but canceled at the last moment to see another show in Las Vegas.

JFK assassination: Father, son probe single-bullet theory

Ruby spent almost the entire week in Cuba with McWillie, who had been entrusted to manage some of the most lucrative businesses Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky developed. Posner disposes of this visit in a footnote saying the only source for it is the word of a British journalist, and that Trafficante denied it.

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In fact, as the House Committee found, there was strong other evidence Ruby visited Trafficante, including from McWillie himself. History Politics. Paperback —.

Add to Cart. Also by Gerald Posner. About Gerald Posner Gerald Posner, a former Wall Street lawyer, is an award-winning author of many books on subjects ranging from Nazi war criminals, to assassinations, to the lives and careers of politicians. Product Details.

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